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Myongji University (South Korea)




Myongji University is a private university founded in 1948 in South Korea. It provides higher education in the fields of engineering, sciences and humanities. It has two campuses: the Social Science Campus is located in Seoul and the Natural Science Campus is in Yongin which is 35 kilometres (22 mi) south of the capital. It is made up of 10 colleges, 42 departments, seven faculties and eight specialized postgraduate programs.


Myongji University has been a center for practical humanism over the past half century, and is operating various and practical globalization programs while having exchange with 150 universities in 22 different countries.


The cooperation agreement between Myongji and XVTC was signed in September, 2017, when the delegation from Myongji visited XVTC and attended its 80thanniversary celebration.

Currently, there are 4 students from the first Sino-Korea international class, XVTC, studying atMyongjifor their bachelor’s degrees.

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