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Experts Evaluate the Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Educational Programs in XVTC

Date:2018-01-27  |  Author:Feng Dong

Accompanied by Sun Jianning and Wen Tong, the director and the vice director of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange of Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government, 5 experts from different universities in Shaanxi province came to XVTC to evaluate the Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Programs of Automobile Inspection and Maintenance Technology and Automotive Service Technology and Marketing co-held by XVTC and FUU-Sachsen Vocational Training College (Germany) on January 26.

The first phrase of the meeting was hosted by Vice President Zhao Yunlong, during which President Zhang Cun gave a brief introduction to the history, development, connotation construction, major construction, faculty cultivation, admissions and students’ employment, especially the international cooperation and exchange of the college. Lai Zhanchi, Dean of the Automotive School gave a vivid presentation of the programs, introducing the project operation, admissions, professional development of faculty, as well as existing problems.



Hu Weihua, Head of Expert Group hosted the second phrase of the meeting. The experts spoke highly of the development of XVTC as well as the two cooperative education programs, which they considered as a highlight of all in Shaanxi Province. During the question and answer session, experts asked questions regarding the communication with faculty members from Germany, curriculum, program advantage and so on. Representatives from XVTC elaborated the answers to the experts’ questions.

After the question and answer session and the conclave, the experts gave XVTC guidelines and suggestions on the programs in the following aspects: foreign teachers and curriculum introduction, Party and ideology building, teaching management and process, financial operation and analysis, project management and operation, teaching staff cultivation, admissions and employment analysis, and rigorousness of the extension proposal, etc. Expressing his appreciation, President Zhang stated XVTC would pay high attention to the operation and development of the programs, and strive to make the two projects an exemplary case of Chinese-foreign cooperative educational programs at higher vocational education level in Shaanxi Province.

After the meeting, accompanied by President Zhang and Vice President Zhao, the experts paid a quick visit to the training center of Automotive School. They spoke highly of the instruction design and practice teaching of the Automotive School.


Heads of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation as well as the Automotive School attended the meeting and accompanied the expert through the tour.

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