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Great News: Congratulations to Lan Meiying who is studying in Fooyin University of Taiwan province as an exchange student

Date:2018-01-30  |  Author:Li Zhinan


Recently, Lan Meiying, majoring in pre-school education in XVTC, has been admitted to Fooying University in Taiwan province. She will go to Fooying University for a four-month short-term exchange study on February 21.

Lan Meiying is the first student in XVTC to study in Taiwan province , which fills the gap in XVTC’s student exchange program between XVTC and universities in Taiwan province. So far, XVTC has officailly begun its student exchange program in Taiwan province.

XVTC attaches great importance to student exchange program. The international Office lately has organized a training and education meeting for Lan Meiying. Our staff conducted training programs from aspects of life, study, safety and custom, and demanded that Lan Meiying obey rules and regulations of the two schools and study hard.


Founded in 1958, Fooying University has the largest number of students majoring in health care in Taiwan province. There are schools of nursing, medicine and health, environment and life, humanities and management, which consists of 18 majors and five master classes.

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