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XVTC New Media Conference Held

Date:2018-01-18  |  Author:


Sponsored and held by the General Office along with the New Media Studio, the first XVTC New Media Conference was held recently. With "hand in hand and make progress together" as the theme, the conference attracted more than 50 student representatives from different schools who shared their experience and discussed problem-solving approaches.


The social media platform of XVTC on WeChat published a great number of articles since its release in late 2015, which attracted the attention of both faculty and students, as well as the public, promoting the reputation of the college on a great scale. The article "Look at Here! XVTC Sports Meeting" received 36,000 hits.

According to statistics, "I Want to be with You in 2016" by the Medical School received the most hits of 18,926, followed by "Online Voting for Models" by the Student Union and "Talent Show" by Normal School.

The representatives had a discussion on topics like attracting readers’ attention, title writing, creation and innovation in writing, needs of the viewers, timing of release, etc.

Zhang Tianyuan, director of the New Media Studio, said that the conference provided a great opportunity for the representatives to share and learn from each other, which would ensure the promotion the construction of new media.

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